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Over several generations of we have understood that a client’s best long-term best interests in any in any given legal matter are closely aligned with our law firm’s reputation. 

Our Services

Commercial Law

Do you find yourself facing legal troubles in regards to your commercial enterprise? The longer you run a business, the more likely it becomes that you’ll need the help of a knowledgeable commercial litigation firm such as ours. 

Transaction Law

The bigger the transaction, the more potential legal and practical pitfalls may arise, which is why it is it often a business necessity to retain transactional counsel in corporate transactions.

Real Estate Law

Many things can happen when you go into a business agreement, and real estate contracts are no exception. Someone may refuse to pay, or he or she may decide to back out at the last minute. We help you prepare for every scenario. 

Banking Law

Our attorneys know how best to proceed in the perplexing maze of issues in today’s challenging credit environment. Whether those issues involve drafting or reviewing complex documents or determining effective strategies we have you covered.

Construction Law

Construction law can be complex and difficult to understand. Our firm can explain these laws, assess your situation, and provide the skilled legal guidance you need. With experience in the construction industry, we look forward to assisting you. 


We have are frequently called upon to handle such diverse issues in the litigation realm. With Joseph L. Hull, you can be confident in a firm that you can trust and that is established in the community. 

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