Joseph Henry Lumpkin (December 23, 1799 – June 4, 1867)

  • Georgia’s first chief justice
  • Founder of Georgia University’s law school where he was a teacher and trustee
  • Served on the Supreme Court in Georgia for 20 years
  • Co-Founder of the University of Georgia 
  • University of Georgia School of law was also known as Lumpkin School of Law

Joseph Lumpkin Hull (May 6, 1885 – August 1965)

  • Great-grandson of Joseph Henry Lumpkin
  • Spent three and half years as a student in the State University of Georgia 
  • In 1905 he was admitted to the bar in Georgia and practiced there until 1919 when he became a resident of Oklahoma City 
  • In 1912 he was appointed special assistant of attorney general in Oklahoma
  • In 1914 he was licensed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Lost his sight but continued in the law becoming the General Counsel for the Exchange National Bank later becoming the Bank of Oklahoma

Joseph Lumpkin Hull (May 6, 1885 – August 1965)

  • General Counsel and Vice-President of Seismograph Service Corp for 45 years 
  • Led the way for the development Seismograph Service Corp as the largest independent seismograph service in the word until purchased by Raytheon Corp

Joseph Lumpkin Hull, III

  • Graduate of Westminster College
  • Graduate of Oklahoma University School of Law 
  • Served as Captain in the U.S. Army Infantry 
  • General Counsel for Seismograph Serviced 1984 – 1989 
  • President Boston Avenue Realty 
  • President Barthelmes Foundation
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the National Guild Community Schools of the Arts

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